On behalf of all our congregants and participants, please accept our sincere gratitude for sponsoring the Kiddush at Chabad.

"The Kiddush" has become a vital part of the atmosphere at our growing Chabad Shul. It does so much to create friendships, foster a sense of community and contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere in which we take such great pride here at Chabad.

May the merit of sponsoring this beautiful event bring you and yours all the blessings of Nachas, happiness and much success in all your endeavors.

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Date Name Occasion
May 7, 2022 Scott, Hetty & Michael Weinstein In honor of Rabbi Fishel & Ettie and the return of Kiddushim
May 14, 2022 Arthur & Ellen Seigel In loving memory of his dear mother Yehudit
May 21, 2022 Charles & Lora Sues In honor of their great grandson Reuel Baruch Israel
May 28, 2022 Seth Mizrachi In honor of his mom's 80th birthday!
June 4, 2022 Hank & Christine Benima In honor of the 70th anniversary of his Bar Mitzvah
June 5, 2022    
June 6, 2022    
June 11, 2022 Clement & Emma Soffer In honor of their 61st wedding anniversary
June 18, 2022 Jack & Lauren Maskowitz To honor the Yahrzeit of Jack's father, Martin Maskowitz, Zeev Mordechai ben Moshe
June 25, 2022 Jerry & Debbie Sobel  In honor of Jerry's 75th birthday
July 2, 2022 Alex Goldstein & Marina Berkovich In honor of the United States of America
July 9, 2022 Gennadiy & Tatyana Berlyand To honor the Yahrzeit of Gennadiy's father, Zev ben Gadaliah
July 16, 2022 Leslie Lilien, Ira & Zina Lovitch, and Joel Treewater In honor of the world famous Chabad of Naples congregation under the brilliant leadership of Rabbi Fishel and Rebbitzen Ettie
July 23, 2022 Jeffrey & Elena Drizin To honor the memory of Jeffrey's parents, Hanna & Moshe Drizin
July 30, 2022 Anonymous In honor of Chabad of Naples
August 6, 2022 Sama Hoffman In loving memory of Netanya
August 13, 2022 Robert & Lise Issenman and Mayer & Judy Guttman  
August 20, 2022

Alex Goldstein & Marina Berkovich and Augustina Rokhvager 

August 27, 2022 Burton & Ann Meisner To honor the Yahrzeit of Burton's mother, Sylvia Cantor Meisner, Zire
September 3, 2022 Jack Maskowitz In honor of Mildred Maskowitz and Sadie Maskowitz
September 10, 2022 Patrick Calman & Regine Korn In honor of Patrick's grandparents who were sent to Auschwitz in 1942
September 17, 2022 Rabbi Fishel & Ettie In honor of Chaya and Hinda
September 24, 2022 Joel Treewater In loving memory of my wife, Diane, Devorah Ethel bas Hershel v' Raizah
October 1, 2022 Hank & Christine Benima To honor the Yahrzeit of Hank's mother, Flora, Fannie bas Tsvi HaCohen
October 8, 2022
Jeffrey Glassover In honor of Chabad Naples
October 10, 2022    
October 11, 2022    
October 15, 2022 Patrick Calman and Regine Korn  
October 17,2022    
October 22, 2022 Art & Ellen Seigel In honor of the 65th Anniversary of Art's Bar Mitzvah
October 29, 2022 Robert & Riki Rimberg In memory of Avraham Yehudah ben Zalman & Braina bas Reb Eleiezer Hakohen
November 5, 2022 Jack Maskowitz  
November 12, 2022 Norman & Cristina Isaacs In honor of Cristina's 75th Birthday.
November 19, 2022 Harriet Greenwald & family In memory of Seymour Greenwald, beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather and in honor of what would have been our 62nd anniversary on November 20th
November 26, 2022 Alex & Amy Zusmanovich To honor the 40th anniversary of passing of Amy's father, Aaron Yusin
December 3, 2022 Jeffrey Glassover In loving memory of Jeffrey's mother, Arlene L. Glassover
December 10, 2022 Clement & Emma Soffer To honor the Yahrzeit of Clements father, Joseph Soffer
December 17, 2022 Jackie Simenauer In loving memory of Tara Simenauer, Peter Simenauer, Bert Himelstein, and Tillie Himelstein
December 24, 2022

Mauri & Judy Salzman

Richard & Paula Federman

To honor the Yahrzeit of Judy's mother, Bessie Rubin, Pesel bat Avraham v' Viesel

To honor the Yahrzeit of Paula's father, Ralph Macher, Rafael Tzvi ben Moshe Zalman v' Rochel

December 31, 2022 Eric & Pam Goldschmidt In honor of their granddaughter Theodora Bren
January 7, 2023 Mayer & Judy Guttman To honor the Yahrzeit of Mayer's mother, Sara bas Mendel Mordechai Halevi and Judy's father Binyamin Dovid ben Shmuel Nata Halevi
January 14, 2023 Jerry & Debbie Sobel To honor Jerry's mother's birthday, Roslyn Sobel OBM
January 21, 2023 Loris Dallal To honor the Yahrzeit of her beloved husband, Naim ben Aharon
January 28, 2023 Burton & Ann Meisner In memory of Burton's father, Louis Meisner, Laibel ben Moshe
February 4, 2023 Jewish Historical Society of SW FL In honor of Mitch Spaiser
February 11, 2023 Art & Ellen Seigel In honor of Aunt Dorothy's 102nd birthday
February 18, 2023 Mark & Cathy Katsnelson, Sam & Alice Kiderman, and Vadim & Irina Birman

  In honor of the Katsnelson family ~ To honor the Yahrzeit of Sam & Alice’s son, Daniel ben Shmuel ~ and In honor of Vadim and Irina's grandparents,  Rochel & Pinchas, Elizar & Mira, and Rochel & Nechaim 

February 25, 2023    
March 4, 2023 Joe & Sandrea Davis, Ira & Zina Lovitch, Matthew & Taryn Wayne, Patrick Calman & Regine Korn In honor of Dr. Zev Zelenko
March 11, 2023 Mark & Sharon Kreindel To honor the Yahrzeit of Mark's mother, Norma Kreindel (Nechamah bas Dovid)
March 18, 2023 Carlos & Jill Weil  
March 25, 2023 Alex & Dale Troy In loving memory of Alex's mother, Sandra Troy (Shulamit bas Moshe)
April 1, 2023 Clement & Emma Soffer To honor the Yahrzeit of Clement's mother, Rachel Soffer (Rahel bas Rahamin v' Massouda)
April 8, 2023 Jerry Sobel & Hank Benima In honor of Diane Treewater's unveiling
April 15, 2023 Patrick Calman & Regine Korn  
April 22, 2023 Mark  & Cathy Katsnelson

In honor of Mark’s mother, Nelly Katsnelson (Nechama bas Gersh v’ Vemanye)  of blessed memory

April 29, 2023 Art & Ellen Seigel In honor of Art's mother Yehudit bas Moshe Lev v' Sisi
May 6, 2023 Jeffrey Glassover In memory of  his father Albert Glassover, and his sister Cathie Jane Glassover
May 13, 2023 Sally Aaron  
May 20, 2023 Hank & Christine Benima In honor of the 71st anniversary of Hank's Bar Mitzvah
May 27, 2023 Vadim & Irina Birman In honor of Vadim's birthday
June 3, 2023 Charles & Lora Sues In honor of the upcoming marriage of their last grandson, Joel Sues 
June 10, 2023    
June 17, 2023 Jack & Lauren Maskowitz In honor of brother-in-law, George Orenstein (Yaakov ben Avrohom v' Leah) of blesssed memory
June 24, 2023 Hank & Christine Benima To honor the Yahrzeit of Hank's father, Walter Benima (Dovid ben Naftali)
July 1, 2023 Gennadiy & Tatyana Berlyand To honor the Yahrzeit of Gennadiy's father, Valeriy Berlyand (Zev ben Gedaliah)
July 8, 2023    
July 15, 2023    
July 22, 2023    
July 29, 2023    
October 14, 2023 Art  & Ellen Seigel  
November 25, 2023 Clement & Emma Soffer To honor the Yahrzeit of Clements father, Joseph Soffer (Yosef ben Reuben v' Simcha)
December 2, 2023 Michael & Barbara Gotthelf To honor the Yahrzeit's of Barbara's mother & father, Helen Herman (Hudya bas Meyer), and Jack Herman (Jacob ben Abraham)



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