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Dear Friends,

The first few years of a child’s life are a time of magic and wonder. Every day, parents and educators observe how each moment of their children’s exploration and play is another opportunity for learning and growth.

It is with this knowledge that we created Preschool of the Arts to nu r Hearts-Side-Promo.gif ture and enhance the boundless potential of the early childhood years. We know how deeply all parents want to give their children every opportun ity for success. In creating Preschool of the Arts, we thoughtfully constructed an award-winning early childhood experience for our young students to fortify themselves with confidence and creativity to tackle challenges at every stage of life.

The Circle of Hearts project gives families and friends an opportunity to share in our success! We have always been committed to offering our children the very best quality of education in the very best facility, and we are determined to further enhance and offer the best educational experience using the most up-to-date methods and equipment. 

The Circle of Hearts is a caring community of benefactors that meaningfully enrich the lives of our children by funding exceptional opportunities that enable our school to continue to give our children the best. It is the generosity and support from this wonderful community that allows us to continue offering high quality programming, provide rich classroom experiences, maintain our facilities, as well as expanding our curriculum, and provide continuing education for our staff.

All Circle of Heart donations are used to directly enhance and improve the school, and do not factor into the school’s operating budget. In recent years, the Circle has funded cutting-edge equipment for our playground and science programs, supported innovative extra-curricular programming and helped us establish our beautiful and educational Garden of the Arts! The Circle’s influence continues this coming year by funding the NEW Preschool Marketplace.

Donors choose their level of participation and help complete a loving Circle of Hearts for the Preschool of the Arts. We encourage you to join our Circle of Hearts today, and experience a real sense of accomplishment, knowing that your loving financial care has funded and fulfilled the education of wonderful, deserving children.

Ettie Zaklos, Director            Rabbi Fishel Zaklos

Project Ambassadors : Adriana & Michael D’Angelo, Ashley & Adam Gerry, Julie & David Lazarus, Sam Ballachino & Grant Morse, Lacey & Scott Rosenblum, Adrienne & Richard Weisberg

Have a heart, and give as many hearts as you can!

You may choose your level of participation in the Circle of Hearts for the Preschool of the Arts by deciding how many ‘hearts’ you are willing to pledge each year.

Participants’ names are prominently featured on our donor wall and their generosity is acknowledged at an annual appreciation evening.